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Hyundai BH Spy Video - KOREA’s New “S-class” 본문

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Hyundai BH Spy Video - KOREA’s New “S-class”

sephia 2007. 5. 20. 14:56

Hyundai BH Spy Video - KOREA’s New “S-class”

현대 BH의 스파이 비디오입니다. 북유럽에서 테스트 하는 것 같네요. 전에 rex님이 BH의 사진을 공개했는데, 동영상이 공개된 것은 또 처음입니다.

기사를 잠시 읽으니까 처음에는 다이너스티가 새로운 GH 플렛폼으로 바뀐다고 했더니 이게 오피러스가 되었다는 등.. 뭐, 이런저런 이야기를 하네요.

요즘 번역 능력이 많이 떨어진 고로 여러분들이 번역해 보시길 바랍니다.(응?)

At one time, it was believed that the Hyundai Dynasty would be replaced by the new GH platform, but that went to Kia as the Opirus (launched in March 2003). It was also once expected that Dynasty will be dropped following the 2004 model year but apparently there is an active program to replace the car in 2007 with an all new rear-wheel-drive platform that also will provide the basis for the replacement for the Equus luxury car, snapped here undergoing hot-climate tests in Arizona.
The replacement for the Dynasty likely will benchmark successful rear-wheel-drive sport sedans like the Infiniti G35 and the BMW 5-Series (less iDrive, of course). It will be interesting to see how Korean engineering translates to this type of car... a first for a Korean manufacturer. When the BH is launched, it should be worthy of being added to Hyundai's lineup in North America and in Europe.


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