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Audi A5&S5 본문

Auto Pics/Auto movie

Audi A5&S5

sephia 2007. 3. 7. 23:10

Audi A5&S5

Audi A5&S5의 인테리어에 관한 동영상. 약 2분 25초짜리 동영상이다. 아래의 내용은 관련 기사.


The luxurious perfection of an Audi

The interior, the interface between person and vehicle, is characterised by ergonomic design and functionality, and equally by the exclusiveness of the materials selected and Audi’s typically superb build quality. An atmosphere in which you feel perfectly at ease, even on long journeys – that is the key feature of the A5 and S5 interior.

기사&동영상 : WCF

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